Privacy Policy

General: Your use of this site means that you have read and accepted the privacy and security terms and conditions. If you think you cannot fulfill the obligations stipulated in the privacy conditions, do not use this site. A number of additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of or interaction with certain sites on the site.

Monitoring / modification of privacy and security conditions: AKINSOFT reserves the right to change the privacy and security conditions or to introduce additional conditions at any time without prior notice. Changes to be aware of the nature of the information collected during use, how it is used, when this information is shared with third parties and all necessary privacy conditions will be presented on this page. Since the Site Owner reserves the right to change the privacy conditions, it is necessary to regularly monitor and read the privacy and security conditions. After such a change to be made to this site, it means that changes in use, privacy and security conditions are accepted.

Open system: Users; (The term user is used as a general definition that refers to everyone entering the website, including members.) They know and accept that including the internet environment is not reliable, communication is risky in the internet environment, personal information, passwords, etc. any information may be the addressee of third parties' illegal acts. The Site Owner makes no warranty regarding security and malicious acts.

User information: The user is responsible for any content and personal information placed on the Site by the user (any content, including, but not limited to, any text, documents, music, ads, advertisements, opinions and thoughts transmitted, including sound or text or moving / still images), transmitted or sent via the Site. The users have declared and warranted that any information they transmit / send to the Site is not in violation of the reliability, accuracy, rights of third parties, and not illegal. The Site Owner reserves the right to completely or partially unpublish or block the content put on the Site by the Users, which is believed to bring any harm or burden to other Users or third parties, or to prevent access. However, there is no obligation in this direction.

Username and password: The Site Owner can keep the use of some sections subject to membership / registration requirements. During registration, the user can be given a name and password or asked to create a name and password by the user. The user is directly responsible for the retention of the username and password, misuse or illegal use, and any possible unauthorized use. The user is responsible for creating the password more securely using special numbers, letters and characters, or for making changes to it. The responsibility for all transactions made using the membership name and password belongs to the user. In case of loss of member name and password, unauthorized third parties or a situation threatening the security of the member, the site and / or Site Owner are immediately notified.

Protection of information: The Site Owner makes maximum efforts to ensure the security of all pages on the website. A wide range of technical and managerial applications are used to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the data stored on the site.

Third-party sites: This site may contain and provide links / information / links to third parties operated by third parties that the Site Owner does not operate or control its operation. The Site Owner does not have any guarantee or special commitment regarding the content, security, privacy policies and communication that will be maintained on these accessed sites. Responsibility is subject to the running conditions written on the sites belonging to third parties. The security and privacy conditions on the said sites must be read before any action is taken. The Site Owner cannot be held responsible for the personal information provided to the aforementioned sites, the content and services utilized from these sites or the privacy policies and practices of these sites.

Site utilities: Utilities may be required to make use of parts of the site. If these sections are used, data regarding the form and scope of utilization can be recorded in the site database. In addition, we may use some “cookies” so that you can use the sections more easily, and we can send some information to the user through them.

Your permission to use your personal data includes permission for us to provide services to you,promotional activities of our services, members, and third parties; It also includes permit to use in legal requirements etc.